Jill Konrath relates the story that shortly after her book SNAP Selling was published that salespeople were saying, “This is great info on selling to today’s crazy-busy prospects. But I’m frazzled too. How can you help me?”

Jill reflected on those comments and went from thinking it was a time managment problem to realizing it was a bigger issue.  Agile Selling

That with everything on the fast track of change from products, buying cycles, the economy, technology, and competitors today’s customers were expecting more.  They want their sales professional to bring them ideas, insights and information to help them be more successful.

For many sellers that’s a shift in thinking and along with being worried about meeting numbers- no wonder there’s a feeling of overwelm.

Jill figured it out and wrote AGILE SELLING.  It’s about keeping on top of your game in an ever-changing world.  She explores the mind-set, skills and habits that top producers need to get up to speed quickly and rapidly adapt to the changing conditions.

A few highlights from Agile Selling are:

  • Cheat sheets to maximize brain power

  • Trigger events that catalyze change

  • Buyers Matrix for indepth buyer information

Agile Selling is in alignment with our sales philosophy and mantra – buyers don’t need another sales person or supplier – what they do need and want is a strategic business partner.

Any seller interested in getting ahead of the curve and differentiating themselves from their competition will find the tips and solutions in this book.