Sales Training

High-performing sales teams do certain things just a little bit differently –
and the difference makes or breaks your team winning the deal.

Imagine your B and C players turning into A players and your A players turning into A+++ players.

Our unique differentiation has been copied since 1983 when we were the first to initiate ongoing skill-boosting training instead of the one-and-done cross your fingers and hope something sticks.

Manager Training

Leadership today is no longer based on managing, directing, or supervising.
Today’s employees want to be considered and treated as members of a team,
working together for personal and company goals.

This means, leading today’s teams – really means coaching them. One of the coach’s most important roles is to help team members identify gaps in their game and to make specific improvements.  The coach opens the door for people to become self-aware and self-correcting.

Our manager training compels the team to do better, enhances personal accountability,
improves the quality of communications, increases productivity, plus gives managers
the right tools to lead teams to exceed goals.

Sales Advice Rx

Are you or your sellers stumped on what to do on an upcoming sales call?

Are you confused about how to put an important presentation together?

Challenged by a particular client or prospect and don’t know what to do?

Are you, the sales manager, in a quandary on a leadership or seller situation or conversation?

Sales Advice RX is your answer to making the next sale or up-leveling your leadership skills.  The Sales Advice Experts guide, coach and assist you to build a top-performing sales team to close more deals.

Stop Sucky
Sales Meetings

Sellers are quick to say most Monday morning sales meetings are a waste of time, never relevant, boring, same old same old and dread the thought of attending another one.

Yet, ongoing skill-boosting sales meetings are crucial
to a sales team meeting and exceeding sales quotas.

Imagine having fifty-two 30 Minute or Less sales training meeting outlines to lead
a highly interactive, highly energizing, and high-impact skills-boosting meeting to
make a difference on the very next sales conversation.  Your sellers will thank you for boosting their skills at relevant sales meetings which they actually want to go to.

If you can read, talk, and tell time – all at the same time – these 30 Minute or Less Sales Meeting Outlines have been designed by sales training experts for sales managers to lead meetings to engage, energize, and equip sellers to sell more day in and day out.


Why Sales Training Consultants?

Our training to over 65,000 sellers is known to pay for itself and drive sales and productivity increases 5 – 35% within ten weeks.

We are not event trainers where you have a one or two-day seminar and cross your fingers hoping that it works.  Our ongoing, skill-boosting workshops create the new right habits and up-level your team’s sales ability to last a lifetime.

Our satisfied clients will tell you we work closely to customize your training solution to lead to immediate results.  We also expect you to measure us as you measure your results.

We don’t want to be the company you use to make a checkmark on your list of things to do.

We only partner with organizations that make the commitment to their people and improve performance.

Am I Able to Measure Results?

We believe in quantifying all that is possible.  Included with each customized training solution are several unique measuring tools  to measure success daily, weekly, and monthly.  Additionally, most training solutions include Pre and Post Assessments for benchmarking and post analysis.

How Do I Select What’s Best For My Team?

We work together to determine long and short-term goals and objectives, evaluate where the gaps are from where your team is to where you want them to be, confirm the caps are on target with the strategic plan and select the best process and solution to achieve your goals.


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