Do you want to Sell Better and Sell More?

Our course you do!  Top performers constantly seek out best practices to have better sales conversations, improved close ratios and more quality sales than the year before.

Top performers also know that doing what they did last year, doesn’t guarantee this year’s success.  Heck, today’s buyers buying motives and patterns change so quickly the best sellers are adapting and adopting new best practices regularly.Sell More dreamstime xs 29546437 resized 600

With that in mind, 23 Top Sales Leading Experts collaborated with a handy e-book – Sell Better and Sell More.  This handbook is a powerhouse of ideas on strategy, positioning, process, skills and technology to build sales.

Get your copy now and enjoy these insights from Sell Better and Sell More:


Grow Your Garden of Sales Opportunities – Babette Ten Haken @babettetenhaken

Stop Scaring Prospects! – Barbara Weaver Smith, Ph.D., @bweaversmith

What Do You Need to Stop Doing to Grow Revenues? – Colleen Stanley @EiSelling

You’re Fired! 3 Tips to Prune and Grow Your Sales – Nancy Bleeke @salesproinsider

The Universal Laws of Revenue Growth – Nancy Nardin @sellingtools

Customer Centric Strategies to Escape the Commodity Trap – Lisa Nirell @lisa_nirell

Sales Process

Don’t Forget this Key Sales Strategy – Jill Konrath @jillkonrath

Bigger is Better! – Janice Mars @janicemars

The Buyer Way or the Highway – Lisa D. Dennis, @knowledgence

Rapport Requires Creative Follow-Up – Carolyn Coradeschi @ ccoradeschi

8 Reasons You May Be Struggling in Sales – Jennifer Leake CMC @ConsultantsGold

Deal Initiation/Prospecting

Closing More Deals is Easy When You Say Hello the Right Way – Alice Kemper @bestsalestips

6 Ways to Ramp Up Your Sales Now – Alice Heiman @ aliceheiman


Have You Heard the Secret? – Lisa D. Magnuson @lisa_magnuson

Attitude/Goals/Positive Thinking

Speaking of Success! – Kelly McCormick @KellyMcCormick_

Get Over It! Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength – Karin Bellantoni @BlueprintSMS

Taking Sales Rejections from Obstacles to Assets – Andrea Waltz @Goforno

Introverts and Selling – Colleen Francis @cfrancisvoice

Think Differently. Position Differently. Sell Differently. – Bernadette McClelland @b_mcclelland

Tips, Tricks and Techniques

140 Character Sales Productivity Tips – Trish Bertuzzi @bridgegroupinc

The Incredible Power of Connection Using Three Lists to Grow – Lori Richardson @scoremoresales

Picture-Bites: Sound Bites on Steroids That Close Business – Anne Miller, @annmillerny

3 Rules of Improv Every Seller Needs to Know – Julie Hansen @acting4sales

Get your copy now!

Enjoy the sales and rewards you deserve.