2014 Sales Shebang
Since 2010 I’ve been privileged to be a member of Sales Shebang, an association of the leading sales and leadership experts in the world.  Of our 50 strong, 1 expert is from Australia, 3 from Canada and the rest from the USA.

The Sales Shebang Conference is held annually for like minded thought leaders to share their business expertise amongst ourselves, broadening our business scope and abilities to better service world wide organizations.  This year we met in Seattle with an agenda dedicated to building better world wide companies, employees and opportunities.

Allow me to introduce you to the Sales Shebang Experts (alphabetically by first names):

Alice Heiman – www.aliceheiman.com

Alice Kemper – www.salestrainingconsultants.com and 30MinuteSalesMeetings.com

Babette Ten Haken – www.babettetenhaken.com

Barbara Giamanco – www.barbaragiamanco.com

Barbara Weaver Smith – www.thewhalehunter.com

Bernadette McClelland – www.bernadettemcclelland.com

Carol Moser – www.syndergyfuelcoaching.com

Carole Mahoney – www.carolemahoney.com

Carolyn Coradeschi – www.rainmakermindset.com

Celina Guerrero- www.socialtosales.com

Colleen Francis – www.engageselling.com

Colleen Stanley – www.salesleadershipdevelopment.com

Deb Calvert – www.peoplefirstps.com

Gretchen Gordon – www.braveheartsales.com

Janice Mars  – www.saleslatitude.com

Jennifer Leake – www.assessmentpros.com

Jill Harrington – www.salesshift.ca

Jill Konrath – www.jillkonrath.com

Joanne Black – www.nomorecoldcalling.com

Julie Hansen – www.performancesalesandtraining.com

Kendra Lee – www.klagroup.com

Laura Posey – www.dancing-elephants.com

Lauren Bailey – www.factor8training.com

Lisa Dennis – www.knowledgence.com

Lisa Leitch – www.teneoresults.com

Lisa Magnuson – www.toplinesales.com

Liz Wendling- www.lizwendling.com

Lori Richardson – www.scoremoresales.com

Lynn Hidy – www.upyourtelesales.com

Nancy Bleeke- www.salesproinsider.com

Nancy Solomon – www.nancydsolomon.com

Shay Bellas – www.19oaks.com

Suzanne Paling- www.salesmanagementservices.com

Trish Bertuzzi- www.bridgegroupinc.com

And the fabulous support team –

Diane Easley – www.dianeeasley.com

Casey Putschoegl – www.33vincent.com

Paige McPheely – www.33 vincent com


The Sales Shebang website is a portal with all aspects of sales, leadership, coaching, speaking, sales enablement resources.  Check out the people and the resources available to VP of Sales and organizations who want the best talent.  We’ve made it easy for you – we’re all in one place – www.salesshebang.com