Are You Ready For Your Team to
Out-Think, Out-Sell, and Out-Perform The Competition?


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Are You Ready For Your Team to
Out-Think, Out-Sell, and Out-Perform The Competition?

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out-think, out-sell, and out-perform the competition.

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Why Sales Training Consultants?

Our training to over 65,000 sellers is known to pay for itself and drive sales and productivity increases 5 – 35% within ten weeks.

We are not event trainers where you have a one or two-day seminar and cross your fingers hoping that it works.  Our ongoing, skill-boosting workshops create the new right habits and up-level your team’s sales ability to last a lifetime.

Our satisfied clients will tell you we work closely to customize your training solution to lead to immediate results.  We also expect you to measure us as you measure your results.

We don’t want to be the company you use to make a checkmark on your list of things to do.

We only partner with organizations that make the commitment to their people and improve performance.

Am I Able to Measure Results?

We believe in quantifying all that is possible.  Included with each customized training solution are several unique measuring tools  to measure success daily, weekly, and monthly.  Additionally, most training solutions include Pre and Post Assessments for benchmarking and post analysis.

How Do I Select What’s Best For My Team?

We work together to determine long and short-term goals and objectives, evaluate where the gaps are from where your team is to where you want them to be, confirm the caps are on target with the strategic plan and select the best process and solution to achieve your goals.


Sales Training Consultants, Inc. was established in 1983 by Alice Kemper

Alice combined her experience as a public school educator, her successful selling
with American Greeting Cards, along with her high achievements as a sales manager
with American Greetings and Harte-Hanks communications to go full circle
with her teaching, sales and sales leadership background to create
a world-renowned sales training solution firm know to deliver results.

Sales Training Consultants’ unique differentiation
is people development is a process, not a one-time event.

We are not a one-and-done training solution firm.

We are committed to delivering relevant, engaging, and impactful solutions
that make a difference to the bottom line within 10 weeks.

Sales Training Consultants’ prestigious clients include

Continucare, Integra, Group M, Cox Newspapers, New York Times Regional Group, Morris Communications, McClatchy, Gannett Company, Seitlin Insurance, Marine Harvest, PMSI,
RSM McGladrey, Cattleman’s Choice Loomix LLC, Layher, Learning A-Z,
LeapFrog School House, Stryker Orthopeadics, Showtime Inc., Virtual Works,
EFCO, and Highlands Real Estate to name a few.


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