It doesn’t matter is you’re one quarter, five or eights months or down to the last four weeks of the year, it’s always the right time for sales managers to assess themselves on their leadership of their sales team.  Sales managers spend more time looking at their sales team and their performance and often overlook their role for the success of their people.Sales Manager Look in the Mirror

Top performing sales managers look at their past performance, what did and didn’t work, why, and what can they do different or better.

If you want to see a positive shift in performance ask yourself these questions today, next month and every month thereafter:

1. How much time I have been spending on one-on-one coaching?

2. Who on my sales team would benefit the most with a series of field ride coaching days?

3. Who on my sales team are the top performers and what I have been doing to reward them?  Or have I been neglecting them and there’s a chance they do not feel valued?

4. What barriers has my staff expressed that they think are keeping them from making more sales?  What can I do to remove those barriers?

5. How relevant, engaging and skill building are the weekly sales meetings?  What can I do to maximize on this low cost, now cost training and motivating opportunity?

6. How can I improve the feedback I provide?

7. How can I continue to make the invisible visible (expectations, goals, making people feel important)?

8.  How can I increase the amount of time my team spends interfacing with the customer?

9. What major time waster can I help minimize or eliminate to free up selling time?

10. What is one Purple Cow (Seth Godin) from ordinary to extraordinary that you can implement to increase sales productivity?